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Laser Dentist - Now Bupa Dental Casuarina

Laser Dentist - Now Bupa Dental Casuarina

KavoHeal Ozone and Vista Proof

KavoHeal Ozone

Ivoclar Vivadent Australia launched an exciting innovation which is not only changing the current face of dentistry, but is available right now at Laser Dentistry.

The KavoHeal Ozone system is safe, effective and trauma-free treatment for early decay. The treatment works by applying ozone (03) to areas of the mouth for short periods of time which rapidly penetrates early decay, destroys bacteria, viral particles and fungi within seconds.

With the use of KavoHeal Ozone:

  • 99.9% of decay causing bacteria is destroyed in 20 seconds with remineralisation commencing immediately
  • acidity is neutralised
  • ozone is used which is a strong oxidizing agent that has powerful bactericidal effects
  • treatment is non invasive, simple and pain free


Vista Proof

Vista Proof is a new way of detecting decay in its earliest form. While most sensors and intra-oral x-ray imaging systems can only detect decay once it has advanced, Vista Proof can detect problem areas and can alert the need for therapy. With the latest in camera imaging, the Vista Proof system achieves its accuracy with the use of violet light. The image which Vista Proof captures displays decay in various colours to indicate areas of severity and also defines decay in numerical catagories which give clear indications where treatment is required urgently.



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